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Here’s to prioritising Health in 2021!

This has been a tough year, perhaps one of the toughest in my 20 years in SA. But only in one sense – financial. In every other sense, oddly enough, I am filled with gratitude.

I am grateful that my loved ones are all OK (ish). I am grateful to my wonderful clients, who have all been gracious about postponing and if they couldn’t, to mercifully leave me the commission I had earned. I am grateful to my amazing friends Vikki and Mike Richardson, who welcomed me and Bug with open arms during level 5 and we had nowhere to go. I am grateful to Barbara Mills and her family, who have welcomed me and Bug in their beautiful cottage on Leisure Isle until next year June (how lucky am I??). I am grateful to Dave and Lyndsay Finney whose incredible gift of mentorship and friendship guided me onto the path of personal development and health transformation. I am grateful to my friends from all over SA and the world who checked in to see how we are doing here in SA, and even offered me and Bug a place to stay if we needed one. I am grateful that a random decision in 2019 resulted in an additional income stream, which is literally keeping me afloat at the moment. I am grateful that I have seized the opportunity to pursue my passion for health and change, and that by next year June I can start helping other people transform their health, and so their lives.

And, I am grateful to all those people who have woken up to the reality that this pandemic truly is a gentle reminder of what nature is capable of, and that we, humans, have to change the way we live, if we are to live indeed. Make the connection, be the change, notice the trees.

I wish you all a magical Xmas, and a transformative 2021!

Much love,

Ingrid & Bug

2 thoughts on “Here’s to prioritising Health in 2021!”

  1. What a beautiful reminder of the need to reflect on what’s really happening and the messages that we can receive. That there is always a reason for something/everything. That our response is indeed the creation of our own reality despite what’s going on “out there” The recognition of the power of the mind, the soulful connection we can have with others and the possible transformative powers of crisis and chaos. Love your work!

    1. Thank you so much dear Eddi (I had replied before but I have no idea where that went :))!! I love how you get it, and I look forward to chatting again soon (I have no idea where the last 7 weeks went). Chat soon, Ingrid

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